Snake Pit

Working within IT over the years I have had the ‘privilege’ of crawling my way around cold or worryingly warm dingy comms rooms, filled with various contraptions that I pretended to understand; all lit up like Christmas trees decorated with meandering garlands of Category 5 cables that resembled a terrifying snake pit in an Indiana Jones movie! Some really messy dustbowls in which one wrong pull or trip could’ve taken down a mission critical system of one sort or another, or some angry salespeople trying to get that last-minute deal clocked in but got disconnected due to a clumsy IT plod with their Size 10 boots! Nothing to see here…!!!


Thankfully, I seldom enter datacentres nowadays, mainly due to them being more secure than Fort Knox and IT becoming more commoditised and structured due to the advent of Cloud C

omputing whereby they can’t be frequented by any old Taran, Diljit or Harinder! We are not quite there yet (in terms of buying IT as a service), however the Guru Ghar does have an IT infrastructure that has, let’s just say, ‘evolved’ over the years!