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A Sikh Temple (we call it Gurdwara i.e. the door to a new beginning ) is a place of learning for the humanity as well as Sikhs (Sikh comes from the phrase Seekers of the Truth). All are welcome to come through the door with the expectation that the rules and principles of how to be are adhered to. We would expect that you have a desire to learn and are seeking a path for yourself through understanding of the divine derived from Guru Granth Sahib (the holy scriptures). For the novice we have the guided tours normally undertaken over the weekends. These are helpful in developing understanding of the Sikh code of conduct and ethos of Sikh philosophy. Sikhism offers a distinct prospective to life and humanity by observing that we all belong to that Great Universal Being who is without form and shape.

  • Appropriate clothes should be worn before coming onto the gurdwara premises

  • One must appropriately cover his/her head - a scarf or a large handkerchief is regarded as preferable, hats and caps are not to be worn.

  • Shoes must be  taken off and placed in the shoe boxes on either the ground floor or the first floor.

  • Under No circumstances should any visitor have in their possession any tobacco product, alcoholic drink or drug; he/she should not have consumed any, or be under its influence, at the time of the visit.

  • It is obligatory for every Sikh, young and old, to show the utmost respect to the Guru Granth Sahib Ji (Sacred Scripture) on approaching the Manji Sahib, who usually bow down on their knees, often touching the floor with their foreheads. However, it is regarded as dignified for a non-Sikh visitor to show respect to the Sikh “Holy Scriptures” by bowing, or standing still for a second and then moving away with a respectful nod.

Visitors are expected to show their respect by observing the following rules :
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