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It is important to understand that the new Guru Nanak Wellbeing Centre fundamentally differs from the Guru Nanak Day Centre previously run by KCC. The Wellbeing Centre aims to provide a meeting place for Sikh Elders, which provides basic services that focus on promoting healthy and active lives. This contrasts with the old Day Centre, which provided KCC-run day care services for those who met strict criteria and had been assessed and accepted as being vulnerable.

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Basic Services Provided (based on Staff and Financial Resources) 

‘Core’ Services available all day (segregated as appropriate for males and females):

  • Welcoming and comfortable Centre with a reception desk and suitable seating and furniture for users.

  • Light refreshments such as Tea / Coffee and Biscuits. Users are encouraged to attend Gurdwara for Lunch (Langar).

  • Punjabi and Local English Newspapers.

  • Internet access through WiFi

  • Selection of Books in English and Punjabi.

  • Free Information Point in the reception area with literature on Healthy and Active Living, Managing Diabetes, Home Safety & Security, Council Tax Credits etc. All this is readily available from agencies.

  •  Pool Table

  •  Televisions upstairs and downstairs with appropriate channels. Similarly, music playing facilities.

  •  Facility to be able to show videos to users.

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