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In Sikhi, alcohol, drugs and tobacco substances are prohibited. However, we all know that there are some people that need support to help in their addiction. Sometimes they don’t know where to go for help, how to ask, they could feel ashamed and embarrassed as well as be conscious of the stigma attached to addiction.

I am writing this blog, as this awareness week is highlighting the harm that excessive use of these does to our physical bodies and our minds.

It can lead to serious health conditions such as heart problems, strokes, liver disease, to name a few, as well as distorting our thinking, disturbing our sleep, we are unable to make rational decisions, and it can lead to depression.

Not only does this effect the individual but also the people around them. It has led to marriage break ups, addiction, sickness from work, arguments, domestic abuse, debt, gambling etc.

I have personally seen it growing up in my childhood where there would be gatherings if a particular person was there, then there would always be an argument leading to fights and the after effects of that was so inbuilt that I was always on eggshells if I went somewhere knowing that the person would be there. It was instilled in me that the person consuming was bad and to stay away from them.

However, in my adulthood life I actually realised it was an addiction that the individual had, and they needed support.

If you want to cut down on alcohol, there are lots of small practical things you can do to start making changes.

· Stop or reduce drinking

· Take drink free days

· Seek advice online

· Talk to someone

· Use apps to monitor drinking

Below are some helpline numbers and you can contact the Gurdwara helpline number in confidence, 07398 404481, if you are worried about your own or about someone else’s consumption. Please do not let this lifestyle destroy you and your loved ones, you are not alone, reach out!

Local support organisation in Gravesend

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