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Do you feel personal transformation is not in your hands? You might feel overwhelmed, broken, and regretful without any hope. 

Do you end up either blaming yourself or constantly feeling toxicity around you?

Have you ever thought that your little thoughts and default actions are what make you and your life?

Can you do anything about it?

Gurbani has answers to all of these questions.

All of us have Divine potential to experience Bliss. Let’s start exploring that make the best use of it.
Life will go on either way - Anand or not. Gurmat offered us way to Anand.

With the guidance of Gurbani, we will  learn how to practically experience this state of self realisation, internalisation through Simran meditation and experiential workshops.

The day will consist of discourse on Gurbani - contemplating on the ways to actually feel Guru Sahib closer.

Collectively, we would look at some practical ways that we can invite in our life to feel Hazoori.

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